Back at the Coast

We've arrived back at the Coast – it's the Oregon coast this time, and the Pacific Coastal Highway, or Highway 1 has become state route 101. But it's still raining and there's still lots of cool things to see.

Yesterday we drove from the inland mountains around Crater Lake and the NF Rogue, through Eugene to the coast. We wanted to see the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and then drive up the coastline to Sea Lion Cave and Seal Rock. The Oregon Dunes were impressive – there was lots of sand, but not quite the rolling expanse of sand made hills that I'd expected. We found a Whale viewing platform, but no Whales – their migration doesn't happen this time of year. Sea Lion Cave was apparently the largest sea cave in the world – but we decided not to part with $20 to find out. We did see Sea Lions swimming and lying on rocks in the next bay up the coast, which was free and probably more impressive – we were pleased.

Driving onwards, we came to Seal Rock, but found no seals – loads of cool birds and some funny sea weed, though. Driving back into town to find some food we saw where all the seals were – they'd found a sandbar under the road bridge, so we stopped and watched them for a bit. (Seals are smaller and cuter than Sea Lions, and can't use their back legs on land)

Next food: we found a fish and chip restaurant. We'd driven past this earlier at 3:55, and saw a sign saying “All you can eat fish and chips, Wednesday 4 'til 8”, we decided that fate wanted us to eat lots of fish. So we did, it was lovely fresh caught cod.

Today it started raining, but we're still going to drive up the coast and find Tillamook, where they make Cheese, Ice Cream and Fudge.

We've updated our Calendar and uploaded some more photos and a very cute video.

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