One Month In…

It's June; we've been away for a whole month now. As I write we're driving up the west side of lake Tahoe, with the Carson mountains rising out of the far side of the crystal clear lake & the sun is shining on another lovely day.

We've seen some awesome scenery, done some great things and driven Macy almost 4,000 miles. We've been to the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, driven through many small mountain villages, found Coloma (the place that started the gold rush) and explored Bodie, a desterted ghost town (preserved in a state of arrested decay).

The wildlifr has been hard to miss; from inquisitive squirrels at the Elephant Seal beach, cheeky chipmunks and singing blue birds at a riverside take out to bears & snakes Yosemite, Raccoons at Lake Tahoe and deer everywhere.

The rapidly melting or melted snow pack hasn't stopped us paddling, we've found big water on the Merced, an ample trickle on the South Silver and damn releases on the American and the Touolomne.

So far so good, looking forward to the next eleven.

Note: The entry was hand written on the 1st June but typed up and posted 4th June, as internet connectivity allowed. Other blog entries have been written and likewise, will be typed up as time allows.

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