Sharon and I love to travel. We have done since before we met. Our first travels together were with kayaks and we’ve now kayaked together on 6 of the earth’s 7 continents, with a hope to one day travel to Antarctica and sea kayak there (whilst watching the wildlife, of course). More recently we’ve begun taking the more novel approach of flying without our kayaks as – great travelling companions and conversation starters though they are – they can make it tricky to get around and aren’t much use places where there aren’t kayakable rivers.

This site was originally set up in 2006 in preparation for our World Tour in 2007-08. Since then it’s been used┬ásporadically┬áto keep people up to date with what we’re doing. I’ve just (August 2012) given it an overhaul and hope to use it to as a travel journal – if for no other reason than I like to keep a record of where I go because I enjoy looking back on it.