Northern Forks

Heading North from Crater Lake we spent two days paddling sections of the North fork of the Umpqua, a lovely run with very cold water. On the second day we met up with Simon and Cherly and decided to head back to the North Fork of the Rogue so that we can rerun the lower section and paddle the gorge I'd previously inspected.

The North Fork of the Umpqua has several sections, we paddled two. Both are icy cold (57F, whatever that is in English) and good fun, with lots of grade three rapids and some beautiful flat sections with pretty cool rock formations.

Bumping into Simon and Cheryl meant we could head back and run one of the sections of the NF Rogue that I'd looked at but decided was too hard for Sharon and I alone. We headed back into it and after what seemed like 2hours scouting the 1mile walled in gorge, Simon and I decided to run it, with Sharon and Cheryl taking photos (we'll upload some good ones next time we get online – there are loads).

The gorge was well worth the return trip and having the benefit of a shuttle vehicle we continued down the next section, making it a pretty good, full day on the river.

We're now heading to the coast to check out some sand and seals, or sea lions (and work out the difference), and then to Portland and meeting up with Simon and Cheryl again next week to run the White Salmon and the Little White Salmon…

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