Skookumchuck Creek

There are several rivers called Skookumchuck, the one we found is located in the Canadian Rockies not far north of the US border. The first adventure was getting to the river – it was our introduction to BC logging roads – poor Macy, but we looked after her. We found the take out suprisingly easy, but then it was a 25mile drive along dirt/gravel roads (1.5hrs) to the put in. We started down a road that required a 4wd high clearence vehicle, and soon stopped when we noticed it getting worse & good job we did, the road was closed slightly further on down. This was the lower put in. the upper put in was another couple of miles up the road. We found it and debated what to do; it was 3pm – we'd spent all day just finding the river. The decision was taken to wild camp at the put in – a very picturesque place & we'd then put on early tomorrow.

We elected to avoid subjecting Macy to too many more trips along that road – this meant someone not paddling and driving her down while we were on the river, otherwise we'd need to make two more trips along the road and spend another 3 hours driving along dusty roads. Sharon very kindly volunteered (thank you).

The day got off to a flying start when Conrad's over-enthusiastic off road driving resulted in a flat tyre on the trip back from the motel that he and Gina had booked. With the flat tyre and waiting for them to arrive, and some faff over how far up we should put on, it was about midday when we put on. It was due to take 3-6hrs according to the guide book,

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