Leaving North America

So, this'll be our last post from North America for a while – tomorrow we hop on a flight to LA, and then wait around for 5 hours and hop on another to Nadi, in Fiji. We start our first flight at 2:20 tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and arrive at 5:10 on Tuesday morning in Fiji (all local times). We'll loose all of Monday as we cross the date line.

We've spent the past few days in cities, Seattle first and now Vancouver. Since our last blog we've been on Concord and Air Force One, sat in the cockpit of a fighter jet, seen a Spitfire fighting a Messerschmit, seen one of the Wright brothers making the first flight and sat at space shuttle misson command. These were all in the museum of flight at the original Boeing building just outside of Seattle. We hired a car for the day, as this was the easiest and most cost effective way to get all our kit up to Vancouver airport. We missed Macy.

Before dropping the car back, we put our kayaks and rucksacks in left luggage at the airport, meaning we didn't have to carry them around town with us. I picked up a great device for transporting my boat – it's a set of wheels that designed for strapping to sea kayaks and making them easier to move. It's called a portage trolly and works great for creek boats in airports too. I think Sharon will be buying one soon.

Vancouver was cool, but we wouldn't recommend our hostel to anyone, it's in an awful area and is filled with noisy people. In a strange twist of logic, they've also taken the noisiest kitchen appliance and stuck it in the room. The fridge kept us awake lots of last night. But today was good. We just wandered around town.

As our last meal out on this continent (hemisphere?) for a few months, we headed to Granville Island and a very nice restaurant, called Dockside. overlooking the docks. It also brewed it's own beer, something lots of places seem to do here. We then caught the water taxi most of the way back.

Next update will be from Fiji, if we can get online there.

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