Photo Update

We've been slack with out blogging recently. Sorry. Rest assured that we've been seeing lots of really cool things and doing loads. We've even been paddling. There's been sunshine and lambs too. Very spring like. We had a fabulous three weeks with Sharon's mum and Bernard, they've gone back now :( , but we've met up with one of Sharon's uni friends – Vicki :) and are continuing our tour of the South Island. We've now in Christchurch. In the last two weeks we've driven from Picton (where we caught the ferry from Wellington) through to Kaikora and tried to swim with dolphins (they were hiding), driven over Arthur's Pass (awesome crossing of the Southern Alps) been to Franz-Josef glacier (in the pouring rain), enjoyed Wanaka, got a steamboat ride from Queenstown to a remote sheep farm and stayed at a campsite with a petting zoo and New Zealand's only wild Wallabies.

If the old adage is correct, these photos will save us typing a thesis length blog article:

North Island activities

North Island scenery

South Island part 1

South Island part 2

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