Loving LA

Hello to everyone! Well, this is our first foreign proper blog entry, on what has been our 4th day in LA. Today we bought a map to plot our escape out of the city, though its not been too big and scary.

(for those reading via email, this entry is continued on the blog.)

We're staying at Venice Beach and have been to Santa Monica a couple of times. Santa Monica centre is rather nice, with lots of shops, a funky atmosphere and a great Creperie. It's fab being able to see the beach from our window and there is a lovely cafe opposite for breakfast.

On Thursday we headed over to Hollywood and indulged in a Limosine tour of the area taking in all of the famous landmarks. One of the strangest sights we saw was a man walking along the street wearing a hoodie with a rabbit in the hood.

The last couple of days we spent too many hours exploring the bus system to and from the valley. This is where we met Macy and Morris. Morris helped us find our minivan for the trip, Macy. The area we found Macy was Van Nuys (pronounced Van- Nice!) and she was an orphan – abandoned on the LA streets and towed away. 4 months later she has been lucky enough to be sold to us.

Tonight we're gonna have a cocktail to celebrate our purchase and tomorrow we're going to pick up roof bars and work out where to head paddling.

Hope all is well at home, we will post again soon.

David and Sharon.

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