Nearly a week into our trip

Well we haven't quite left LA yet due to Macy needing a little more work than we hoped, but fingers crossed we should be heading out today…

However we did get to spend our first night in the back of Macy in the mountains – true it wasn't far off the beaten track but it was still kinda cool to get out of the city. Having dropped Macy off this morning, we caught a Dash bus and found a Kinkos which is where I'm writing this now. So not the most exciting day so far, although we did print our tickets off to Six Flags – it would seem a shame to come to California and not do one of the theme parks! In terms of paddling, we're waiting till Macy is ready and we can pick up a guidebook and head inland a little.

Where we stayed last night was a little nerve wracking at first because of the very strange loud animal noises we could hear. At first we had no idea what they were until David remembered we had driven past a wildlife sanctuary! The views this morning were lovely with the moon hanging over the mountains, and I'm looking forward to heading over to more areas like that.

Last night we headed to Walmart where we were able to pick up enough luxuries for the van such as pillows! I'll be relieved when she passes her smog test and we can head off.

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