Update from Nepal

We've had an amazing time here so far; we've spent some time chilling in Kathmandu (where Sharon's had the “It's a crazy crazy world” song going around in her head), we've paddled a couple of awesome rivers.

Our first river was the Seti. On the first night we camped across the river from a monkey tribe – first time we've seen monkies in the wild. Second night we had the local village come down and sing us folk songs and were amazed by one kid who had taken an inner tube from a truck tyre and turned it into a manouverable boat that he could roll! After that river we had to ride on the roof of the bus with our kit back to Pokhara where we got a shower and then early the next morning headed out to the Kali Gandaki. This was a slightly harder river with lots of good fun bouncy rapids, loads of mules and kids (human and goat) shouting goodbye (the goats bleated rather than shouted, but we could tell what they were trying to say anyway). Enclosed by steep sided hills, we were impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of one lad who turned up at our campsite with cold beers and the ubiquitous Coke to sell. It was great having the raft guides along with us – they acted as porters, interpreters, chefs and were also generally good company. We've got the same crew on the Sun Kosi (a 9 day trip we start tomorrow) which we're really looking forward to.

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